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Skin treatments


Signature Fresh Facial

Our Signature Facial is designed for extreme relaxation. An introductory back, neck and shoulder massage is followed by an andvance hydrating & brightening facial targeting dull & sallow skin.
R80090 min

Advance-Cellular Gold Facial

A luxurious anti-ageing facial that consists of a 24K gold & diamond dust collagen film mask, promoting the skin’s DNA repair system.
R95090 min

dr. pen skin micro-needling

Skin Needling Treatment

Fight & reverse the signs of ageing by inducing the skin’s own collagen production. This advance cosmetic treatment allows for improved rejuvenation of fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, enlarged pores, as well as scars and stretch marks on the any area of the skin & body.
R130075 min

Skin Needling Course

Purchase a course of 3 Skin Needling treatments & receive one for free
R390075 min

Add On Treatment Area

Target hands or décolleté for optimal results
R30015 min

ph formula

Advance Skin Resurfacing Treatment

An advance treatment for skins with pigmentation, ageing or acne with a Vit. C complex & mask.
R130090 min

Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Boost your skin and rid of pigmentation, lines and wrinkles or acne through resurfacing
R65060 min

Deep Cleanse Treatment

A powerful deep cleanse treat with an added Vit. C complex to rid of impurities.
R52045 min

Resurfacing Course

Purchase a course of 5 resurfacing treatments & receive one for free.
R300060 min

Ad On Treatments

• Meso-therapy
• Hand resurfacing
• Neck & Decoloté.
R25015 min

qms medicosmetics

sk Alpha Treatment

An advanced treatment aimed to combat damaged, exhausted and dull skin through micro-circulation.
R140090 min

Neo-Tissuedermie Treatment

Styled to combat signs of ageing,this firming and toning treatment is beneficial for more mature skin.
R120075 min

Collagen Regeneration Treatment

Instantly effective nourishing and lifting treatment for mature and extreme dry skin conditions.
R120090 min

Activator Treatment

Provides instant vitality for jet-lagged and tired skin.
R85060 min

Urban Repair Treatment

Deep pore cleansing treatment with an algae mask which lightly firms and moisturises the skin
R79045 min

Advanced Facial Massage Add On

Using a combination of ancient Chinese Gua Sha facial massage techniques, lymphatic drainage and friction movements to increase blood circulation to the epidermis, resulting in radiant and glowing skin
R39030 min

touch therapies

FW 5 Senses Signature Massage

Breathe in a breath of fresh air as our signature massage embodies the refreshing power of selected Avo-Shea body butter, volcanic stones, tropical bamboo sticks and unique massage techniques. This beautiful journey comes to a close with a tea ceremony.
R110090 min

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A light pressured massage following the lymphatic pathways of the body to rid of toxin build-up. Various forms of cryo- and thermotherapy stimulates micro-circulation. A simple must for those suffering from jet-lag.
R110090 min

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

For the stressed individual this massage places emphasis on the back of the body. Deep pressure, reflex pressure points and an aromatherapy muscle release oil works in synergy to ease muscular strain.
R120090 min

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

R89060 min

Hot Stone Full Body Massage

Using warm volcanic stones to rid of tension through thermotherapy. Customize the treatment with essential oils to treat specific conditions.
R95075 min

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Be the master of your own spa destiny by choosing between various essential massage oil blends customized to suite your specific need.
R95075 min

Mother To Be Massage

For the tired, expectant mother this massage applies nurturing movements for the ultimate in relaxation.
R90075 min

Traditional Swedish Massage

This traditional treatment combines medium pressure and long continuous strokes using essential oils for a personalised twist
R75060 min

Deep Tissue Back & Neck Massage

An intensive massage through muscle reconditioning techniques to help relieve muscular tension on specific acupressure points, followed by the application of a refreshing circulatory gel.
R55045 min

Hot Stone Back & Neck Massage

Bring profound relief to sore, stiff muscles as heated volcanic stones glide along the body. Ending off with a scalp massage, all tension will be melted away.

Aromatherapy Back & Neck Massage

Be the master of your own spa destiny by choosing between various essential massage oil blends, ending off with a soothing scalp massage using a specialised hair oil blend.
R55045 min

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This classic massage focuses specifically on the most strained region of the body. Customized with specific blends of essential oils, whether it is to relax, ease muscular tension or detox.
R45030 min

Scalp and Neck Massage

Relieve tension build up, headaches & neck spasms using aromatic oils on the most strained and tired area of the body.
R45030 min

Reflex Foot & Calf Massage

A reflex pressure point foot and calf massage aimed at releasing toxin build up throughout the entire body.
45030 min

Couple’s Massage

Choose any one of the Touch Therapies whilst unwinding with a friend or partner in our Couple's Room. Please request this upon making your reservation.

Time and Price relative to your choice

Linger longer by adding extra time to any massage at an additional cost of R180 per 15 minutes.

body exfoliation

(Treatments includes facial exfoliation)

Apricot Kernel Body Buff

A gentle body exfoliation using a botanical rich body cleansing cream infused with apricot kernels & essential oils. Leave the skin polished with a heated oil application
R42030 min

Age-Defying AHA Body Peel

Rapidly resurfaces the skin while stimulating collagen production, improving firmness, skin elasticity & tone, leaving the body feeling soft & looking youthful
R75045 min

body wraps

(Treatments includes facial mask application & Scalp Massage)

African Mud Wrap

Relish in the moment cocooned in a comforting envelopment of fragrant oils and African mineral rich mud, bringing this journey to a close is the application of a nourishing Shea butter balm of your choice.
R55045 min

hydro therapy


A Middle Eastern bathing ritual designed for two guests at a time to detoxify & cleanse with the application of an exsfoliator and a mineral rich mud.
R60045 min

Steam Therapy

To be enjoyed as a treat in itself or offered complimentary when used in combination with a touch therapy to create the perfect start to a treatment.
R15030 min

specialised treatments

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Experience this unique scalp treatment starting with a stimulating application of a scalp tonic, followed by a scalp massage and ending off with a hair mask.
R45045 min

Luxury Foot Spa Ritual

Treat the most stressed area of the body by starting off with a foot peel treatment, followed by a Hot Stone Reflexology foot & calf massage. A cooling foot mask is applied, the feet are wrapped & a scalp massage melts away all tension.
R70060 min

Rejuvenating Face & Body Glow

A marriage of symphonies with this spa experience starting off with an Apricot Kernel Scrub & Facial Exfoliation, followed by a Steam session. Once the skin is prepared , the body is cocooned in a heated Aloe Ferox Wrap & specialised facial mask application, followed by a Facial pressure point & scalp massage. This journey comes to a perfect end with a Shea body butter application
R105075 min

spa packages

Superior Pamper Package

Body Peel
Hot Stone Full Body Massage
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure
Hair & Scalp Treatment
Hydrating Aloe Body Wrap
Advanced QMS Skin Treatment
Light Spa Lunch with Sparkling Wine
Steam Therapy
R33006 hrs

Couples Delight Spa Experience

R27002.5 hrs

Fresh Bridal Package

Body Exfoliation
Swedish Massage
Muscle Release Gel Wrap
Pressure Point Reflex Foot Massage
Scalp Massage with Scalp Tonice
R26002.5 hrs

Craft Your Own Journey

Be the master of your own spa destiny by creating your own spa package through choosing any of the following 3 treatments;
• Aroma Full Body Massage
• Fresh Signature Facial
• Apricot Kernel Body Buff
• African Mud Wrap
• Spa Manicure
• Spa Pedicure
R21003 hrs

The Gathering Package

Minimum of 4 guests choose any 3 of the following treatment selections to create the perfect spa journey;
• Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
• Scalp Massage
• Reflex Foot Massage
• Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure
• Apricot Kernel Body Buff
• Appetiser Facial
R900pp90 min

Awakening package

Back Exfoliation
Deep Tissue Massage
Muscle Release Gel Wrap
Pressure Point Reflex Foot Massage
Scalp Massage with Scalp Tonic
R19002.5 hrs

Spa Teaser Package

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Appetiser Facial
Mini Mani or Mini Pedi
R105090 min

group bookings

Celebrate any special occasion or corporate event at Fresh Wellness. Please enquire at reception as we customise each group package to suit specific needs

tips & toes

Spa Pedicure

A foot ritual consisting of a scrub, cuticle work and a massage, ending off with a nail varnish application
R40060 min

Spa Manicure

A hand-conditioning treatment beginning with an exfoliation followed by work on the cuticles, ending off with a massage & nail varnish application.
R35060 min

Gents Pedicure

A foot ritual for the modern man including a paraffin treatment.
R35045 min

Gents Manicure

R30045 min

Mini Pedicure

For the fast-paced individual that needs a quick freshen-up for tired feet.
R28030 min

Mini Manicure

For the fast-paced individual that needs a quick freshen-up for the hands.
R30030 min

File & Paint

R18015 min

Balsan Foot Peel Ad On

R15015 min

Gel Varnish Application

UV nail varnish lasting 2 weeks on nails/toes.
R37060 min


Female Waxing





Under Arm


Half Arm


Full Arm










Half Leg


Full Leg


Wax for Men



Half Back


Full Back




Half Leg


eye care treatments

Eyebrow Shaping


Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash Tint


Eyelash & Brow Tint & Shape


eyelash extensions

Instant volume and length with eyelash extensions through the combination of leading brands and excellence in application

Full Set Lashes

R75090 min

Full Set Fill

R55060 min

Half Set Fill

R40030 min

spray tan

Airbrush Spray Tan Application

Using leading brands to ensure a natural glow in the shade you desire. Includes a full body exfoliation
R65045 min

Airbrush Spray Tan Course

Purchase a course of 5 & receive one for free